Howard Stern And Jamie Foxx Battle On The Radio


The war of words between outspoken radio host Howard Stern and superstar actor/singer Jamie Foxx has reached a boiling point, prompting the shock jock to drop shocking hints that the “Blame It” singer is gay. 

After Stern and his African-American side kick Robin Quivers blasted Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe for being overweight and proclaiming that she would never have a successful career in Hollywood, last week, Foxx’s crew on the Sirius/XM radio show Foxxhole fired back at Stern by coming to the defense of Sidibe. Stern responded by dismissing the team as “fucking losers,” noting that he had no beef with Foxx himself because he wasn’t in the studio when the initial barbs were made.

Yet, Foxx, who didn’t take too kindly to his crew getting called out, said that while he considers the sensitive Stern an industry friend (the two work for the same satellite company), the king of radio could dish it out, but could not take it, adding that Stern has completely lost his edge. Foxx and his radio team then turned their attention towards Quivers calling her a “House Negro,” claiming that she still hasn’t gotten over her own past weight issues and being molested by her dad, who is now deceased.

Earlier this week, an audibly perturbed Stern answered by stating that Foxx is no friend of his, and that he has some dirt on the Oscar-winning actor that he may want to keep in the closet. “I think he is playing for a way different team,” Stern insinuated of Foxx’s sexuality on the radio. “That’s what I think. If he’s got something in his ass, that’s his business. He’s got an ass and he’s got a mouth and I don’t know what he does with them.” —Keith Murphy