Howard Stern Insults Gabourey Sidibe to the 10th Degree


For over a decade, shock jock Howard Stern has never felt the need to silence his opinion—no matter how offensive. Yesterday, the self-proclaimed “King of All Media” set his scathing sights on Precious star and Oscar nominee, Gabourey Sidibe during his morning show on Sirius Satellite Radio

Pelting the 26-year-old actress with insults, Stern and his abettor sidekick, Robin Quivers voiced their initial reactions to seeing Sidibe during this past Sunday’s Academy Awards. “The best is when they go for Best Actress… it’s Sandra Bullock, and then there’s Helen Mirren and there’s Meryl Streep and then you go, there’s the most enormous, fat, black, chick, Gabourey Sidibe,” Stern blasted.

Calling any hopes of a serious career for Sidibe absurd, Stern suggested she play a football player before Quivers chimed in with a direct comment: “You’re sick, this is a terrible thing you’ve done for yourself and it can only lead to bad things.”

But the plus-sized star wasn’t the only victim to catch heat. Before sharing an audio clip of Oprah Winfrey complimenting Sidibe on stage during the show, Stern called the award-winning talk show host a “filthy liar [for] telling an enormous woman the size of a planet that she’s going to have a career.”

Presently holding a record for the most fines issued by the Federal Communication Commission, The Howard Stern Show airs uncensored Monday–Thursday on Sirius.

View the video below for the complete audio of Stern and Quivers’ startling comments. —Tracy Garraud