Jamie Foxx and Affion Crockett Are Work Buddies!


Remember Jamie Foxx, the comedian? It’s been nearly two decades since the Oscar winner first showed face on Fox’s In Living Color, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Foxx is making his way back to the network with a sketch-comedy pilot executive produced by himself and starring popular spoofer, Affion Crockett

The as-yet-untitled project is a hybrid of two ideas pitched separately by both Foxx and Crockett. Foxx bid for an urban sketch-comedy show written by himself and fellow In Living Color writers, Fax Bahr and Adam Small, while Crockett pushed for a similar concept in collaboration with producer of The Boondocks, Carl Jones. Being pleased with both ideas, Kevin Reily —president of Fox Entertainment— proposed marrying the two. 

The final launch is yet to receive an air date, but all initial players remain intact with additional production credits from Foxx King Entertainment.

Foxx is currently at work on his fourth album, tentatively titled Body, and Crockett can be seen on Global Grind’s weekly web series Hustles With Russells. Tracy Garraud