Is Jill Scott Feeling Mawell’s Swag?


As joint superstar tours go, the upcoming Maxwell/Jill Scott trek has managed to capture the usually jaded music fans’ imagination. Both artists bring their own critically acclaimed careers and hardcore fanbases to the table. For Scott, who is working on a new album (a follow-up to 2007’s The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3) to be released later this year and can be seen in the Tyler Perry sequel Why Did I Get Married Too, hitting theaters April 2010, she gushes at the chance to share the stage with Maxwell. 

“I just think he’s an amazing artist,” she tells VIBE of the soulful singer, who most recently dropped his platinum comeback album Blacksummers’night. “I love the tone of his voice; I love his attitude onstage; he has charisma and a real swag. Maxwell has a quiet sexiness that isn’t over the top. You don’t see him thrusting the ground or humping the stage, but you feel it. You feel all those things from him.”

Scott, however, says she will bring a more impromptu, sensual stage show than Maxwell, who recently announced his plans to VIBE to settle down. “I’m a little more verbal and aggressive; even sometimes sexual onstage,” she explains. “I think Maxwell and I will have a good marriage between the two of us. I know that you are going to get a night of great music because his band is amazing. And I don’t play either.”

The Maxwell/Jill Scott tour is set to kick off in Cleveland on May 21. We already have our tickets. —Keith Murphy 


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