Judge Thought Keyshia Cole Was Illiterate


Platinum R&B star and new mother Keyshia Cole has been called out in the court of law.

A New Jersey judge described the vocalist’s testimony as “nonsensical” during a case in which Cole was being sued by an event promoter who claimed she refused to make an appearance in 2006 after he paid her $15,000 up front.

The judge, who ruled against Cole, dismissed her in a written statement as “confused” and “nonsensical.” But the judge’s biggest hit? She wrote Cole appeared to be “not literate” after her reluctance to read some of the documents while testifying. The judge went on to say that she realized that Cole was indeed literate after she noticed the performer managed to read through several papers that helped her case.

Most recently, R&B vet Monica, a close friend of Cole, told VIBE the singer and her newborn baby Daniel Gibson Jr., were resting comfortably.—Keith Murphy