Kardinal Offishall & Estelle To Cover A Motown Classic For Next Single


Though Kardinal Offishall is still picking up praise for his work with Estelle on her latest single, “Freak,” the Canadian MC believes the two have yet another surprise hit on deck.

Offishall, who tells VIBE he’s maintained a sibling-like friendship with Estelle for 10 years, says his next single off Mr. International will be veer left of his usual.

“[Me and Estelle] have a duet on my album that is 180 [degrees] from anything you’ve ever heard from Kardinal. You may hear the whole song and be like ‘Yo, when’s Kardinal gonna get on the joint,’” he says. “I can’t reveal much, but it’s a remake of a certain Motown legend.”

Although Offishall kept details of his upcoming duet under wraps, he spoke of his first reaction upon hearing Estelle’s first single in two years.

“During the recording process when she was playing me the joints, and then [hums chorus to “Freak”]… after 15 seconds I pressed stop and said, ‘I’m just letting you know that I’m on that joint,’” he says. “It would’ve been so easy for her to come with another “American Boy”, but she flipped it and show another side. It was a risk, but I thought it was smart and calculated.”

Offishall’s fifth album, Mr. International, is scheduled to be released Summer 2010. —Tracy Garraud