Kid Cudi And Snoop Smoke Up

Following their surprisingly clearheaded first collabo, “That Tree,” (off of the forthcoming More Malice), Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi pair up again on “I Do My Thing,” but this time to cover much greener ground. The glowering and introspective Ringo-produced track—originally intended for Cudi’s debut, but now finding it’s home on Cudder: The Revolution Of Evolution—spots the two stoners bigging up their hash cohorts and flipping naysayers the finger. “I smoke, I drank, I do my thang, I’m living in my own world/And if they hate, I let them hate, who gives a fuck,” drones Cudi on the hook. We can’t exactly cosign an illegal lifestyle, but we can’t knock the sounds of it, either. —Tracy Garraud