Lil Wayne Can’t Sign Autographs In Jail


Lil Wayne’s celebrity may have allowed the rapper some preferential treatment during his one-year stay at New York’s Rikers Island. But the multi-platinum platinum MC and Young Money head, who VIBE last exclusively reported has a jail escort with a panic button on his belt to call for backup in case of an attack, won’t be giving any autographs.

According to TMZ, the Correction Officer’s Benevolent Association says a no-autograph policy as been enacted during Weezy’s stay for a gun-possession conviction.

“Lil Wayne is not a celebrity in here,” disclosed a spokesperson.

As last reported by VIBE, every hour, Wayne will have the option to roam the quarters with his escort in tow, or be securely locked in his cell. His cell is 10-by-6 feet and like all sentenced inmates, he is required to wear a dark green work shirt, pants and slip on sneakers.

With good-behavior, Wayne could potentially see a release in eight months.—Keith Murphy


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