Lil Wayne Will Be ‘High Class’ In Jail


After tweeting about love for the past week or so under his new Twitter account (@Liltunechi), Lil Wayne is coming to grips with the reality that tomorrow (March 2), he has to begin a one-year prison sentence.

Last month, the New Orleans rapper’s sentence was postponed due to a dental surgery, but before the scenario can turn into an R. Kelly situation—with numerous postpones and stalling—Manhattan Judge Charles Solomon will be presiding over the rapper’s final courtroom appearance Tuesday before he heads to New York’s Rikers Island.

Wayne is expected to serve time at Rikers’ Eric M. Taylor Center.

“It’s a high-class area where he will be segregated from [the general] population,” a guard told MTV. Some of the rapper’s privileges will include his own cell, television, an option to work or not work, what recreations he participates in, and two visits per week.

Wayne was charged in 2007 with weapons possession. —Linda Hobbs