Lil Wayne’s Deep Tweets Continue


Just we thought he’d stop with the emo, philosophical tweets, Lil Wayne is back at it.

After being teased for tweets like, “Love is a road without signs yet we still drive bekuz we kan only imagine whats ahead,” by many via the ##lilwaynedeeptweets hastag, Weezy vowed to keep it simple.

“Gunna stop with the tweets now that i see they’re so unliked,” he wrote on February 25. “Its a mirror of my thoughts, and obviously my thoughts arent welkome. Sorry.”

But just hours later, he returned to wax poetic.

“Love is a circle,” the Young Money boss started. “…stay in it or around it…….just dont end up out of shape.”

On Saturday (Feb. 27), Wayne invited his followers to his love store.

“Welkome to my department store of love,” he tweeted. “Where 1 size fits all.”

And last night he served up a thought that might make Apple product users feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

“iPod,iChat,iPhone,iPad,” he wrote. “…………….I love.”

Tomorrow, Wayne will turn himself in to authorities to begin a year-long Rikers Island prison stay for gun chargers stemming from a 2007 gun possession charge. With good behavior, he could be released in eight months.

As Weezy’s countdown to lockdown continues, check out his twitter page to see how he’s holding up. This morning he tweeted, “Staying strong.” —Brad Wete