A Long Convo With Tiny & Toya (Pg. 2)


Did you get any hate about how you were portrayed and how did you take that?
Tiny: I get that all the time. It’s nothing to me. It’s not new. Normally I just brush it off. I understand my position. I understand where I’m at. I understand what I have, so those are things to talk about. But it doesn’t bother me. I’m very confident with myself. Very confident. I just am. I have been like this for a long time and now it’s even worse. I have the best friends, I have a great family. I’m cool, I’m good. It doesn’t matter what people think about me. The ones that love me, they love me and I love them back. That’s all I need.

What are the storylines this time around?
Toya: It’s just continuing from last season but it’s just growth and this time I find something I love to do. [In season one,] I opened up, I let everybody know that I was heartbroken [about Wayne] and not to hold onto that, that you can move on. Just because one relationship don’t work that don’t mean it’s over. People look at it like well if they can’t have one person, then everything’s over with for them. So it’s just letting them know that it’s not. You can continue to date until you find someone that’s gonna love you.
Tiny: My dad, you gon’ see a lot of my dad and my mom doing things with him and his progress and it’s gonna be… I think this season’s gonna be a very heartfelt season. It’s gonna be energetic. You gonna see a lot of growth in me and Toya both and I think it’s gonna be very entertaining.


Did Wayne like the idea of the show? Was he cool with it at first?
Toya: Yeah, Wayne’s cool. He’s cool with it. He said it was a good show after he saw it.

 Is T.I. going to be on the second season?
Tiny: I can’t really give away… I can say there could be a possibility. I’m not sure yet how it’s gonna be panned out. 

What did he think about the first season?
Tiny: He did like the first season. He had a chance to watch it in jail. He thought it was a very good show. He didn’t really know what it was gonna be all about at first but once he got a chance to sit down and watch it, he was really pleased with what he saw. He actually loved the show. He said that people in jail were watching it every Tuesday, didn’t miss it.

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