A Long Convo With… Tiny & Toya (Pg. 3)


Toya, are you still working on the book?
Toya: Yes, I am. I actually changed the whole concept of the book. We was almost finished with the regular book cause at first it was gon be like a memoir and this time we’re doing something like the Hill Harper book, like a female version of the hill Harper book. Something more inspirational. I was thing about it, okay I’m writing a memoir but what’s gonna make my book stand out from everybody so I put a twist on it. It’s like diaries to my younger self. We trying to put it out the end of this year, beginning of next year.

Can you tell me about the OMG Girls?
Tiny: The OMG Girls are coming along. We’ve been working in the studio. They are young girls but we want them to be known as great artists one day. We’re trying to help them with writing and prepare them for the real world and this industry. Right now, we just working hard on getting them on top of everything—media training, shows, singing in the studio—just working on their craft, but they’re definitely coming along. We got a new song called “Haters” that’ll be coming out soon with them and the New Boyz and you’ll be seeing a lot of them on season two.

What do you guys hope to achieve with season two?
Toya: The first season people just really got the chance to meet me, ’cause it’s not a lotta people who really knew who I was other than Wayne’s fans. So people got a chance to see the type of person I was other than how I’m perceived on the blogs and stuff as a gold digger just catching a rapper and get married and I’ma have babies. They got a chance to see how I really am. This season you’ll see that I’m not just comfortable with my position being the ex-wife of a rapper. I want a whole lot more in life and I’m just making moves and showing young girls that they can do it, too.
Tiny: This season, to stay a Number One show and to get these girls on the pace they need to be on, the OMG girls, get them out there, get the world to be familiar with them and make sure that all the things that I’ve started are successful. But pretty much season one and season two have already helped me with my goals. I’ve shown myself that I can do something if I wanted to and I’ve already done that with just season one showing me that I can achieve something be successful at it. —Clover Hope



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