Ludacris’ Best Female Collabs (pg. 2)


Ludacris vs. Shawnna

Song: “P-Poppin”
Album: Chicken-n-Beer (2003)
Blow-by-blow: By this third album, Luda earned a rep for his colorfully lewd taste. Still, this BET Uncut staple slapped a double x on the word “explicit.” What might be even more brow-raising is how DTP’s dame made it through the song’s five minutes without a scratch of degradation.

Winner: Shawnna
Knockout Line: “Better learn that game shawty / Better get yo’ man shawty / ‘Fore he end up tamed and be gone all in the brain shawty”


Ludacris vs. Sandy Coffee

Song: “Splash Waterfalls”
Album: Chicken-n-Beer (2003)
Blow-by-blow: This third single from Luda’s double-platinum selling album was surely not about an amusement park ride. Or was it? Painting the rounds of an insatiable couple, Luda handles the erotic details well while Ms. Coffee’s pull-n-purr lines keep him up.
Winner: Sandy Coffee
Knockout Line: “Fuck me”


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