Ludacris’ Best Female Collabs (pg. 3)


Ludacris vs. Ciara

Song: “Oh”
Album: Goodies (2004)
Blow-by-blow: A longtime favorite off Cici’s acclaimed debut, this cruising cut packed more syrup than Z-Ro’s styrofoam cup. Ciara rides shotgun while Luda’s bouncy and infectious recitables put him behind the wood-grain wheel.

Winner: Luda
Knockout Line: “Call up Jazze tell him pop up the bottles cuz we got another hit, hit, hit / Wanna go platinum? Im who you should get get get get get”


Ludacris vs. Fergie

Song: “Glamorous”
Album: The Dutchess (2007)
Blow-by-blow: Before Ke$ha could (legally) guzzle a 40 oz., BEP’s frontwoman held it down for the fair-skinned, female rappers. Calling on Luda to act as her Clyde, the two rhymed about life’s flossy and simple gifts over this nostalgic, Polow-produced single.
Winner: Fergie
Knockout Line: “I still go to Taco Bell / Drive thru, raw as hell”


Ludacris vs. Letoya Luckett

Song: “Regret”
Album: Lady Love (2009)
Blow-by-blow: If there’s one lesson to take from a former Destiny’s Child member it’s this: Don’t leave an independent woman scorned. Because the minute you drop your dime, Luda might just be the one to pick her up.

Winner: Luda
Knockout Line: “Tell him this Louis Vuitton scarf is your bib / Or that you call me daddy and my house is your crib”


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