Meet the Artists from “Respect the West” – Dom Kennedy


Government Name: Dom Kennedy

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Started recording: 2008

Biggest Hit: Mixtape Future Street/Drug Sounds (2008)

Associated Acts: Rick Ross, Nipsey Hussle

On SXSW: “SXSW is important for artist such as myself because it gives us a chance to spread our music organically to regions we might have never been to. People from all over come to Austin for SXSW and when they leave, they are able to talk about a artist they saw perform that they probably never heard of before. Vibe has always been at the forefront of music and supporting new and on the verge stars, so I feel good about being in a showcase they are sponsoring. Hopefully soon people will pick up a Vibe and I will be in it.”

Follow him: @DopeItsDOm