Meet the Artists from “Respect the West” – U-N-I

Members: Thurzday (nee Yannick Koffi) and Y-O (nee Yonas Senere Michael)

Hometown: Inglewood, California

Started recording: 2006

Biggest Hit Single: “K.R.E.A.M” (2007), off of their Fried Chicken and Watermelon album

Associated acts: Bun-B

On SXSW: “SXSW to us is one of the most important & funnest festivals we’ve played at. Its the best time to soak in all types of music from any & every genre. It’s a great way to showcase our talent to our already existing fans and gain new ones. And we’re honored to be showcased in a Vibe sponsored event.”

Follow them: Y-O: @yonasafrica and Thurzday: @Thurzday