Monica Gives Update On Keyshia’s Baby


Everyone finds different ways to use Twitter to their advantage. Monica has used the site to not only communicate with fans but also reveal news about her close friend and fellow singer Keyshia Cole.

While Cole was in labor in late February, Monica posted status updates about her progress via Twitter (@Monicamylife). Since Cole doesn’t have her own account, she instructed Monica to tell fans what was happening.

“There were some Web sites that had up that the baby was born and he was not, so she said, ‘Well, tell them that that’s not true,’” Monica told VIBE recently. “It wasn’t planned that we were gonna tell [people] on Twitter. It was just kinda misinformation being put out there so she said, ‘Okay, well this is an easy way to verify it for me.’

“People were naturally sending me congratulatory messages for her,” Monica continued. “So when I told her, ‘You’re getting a lot of congratulations and you at home eating Reese’s Cups, she said, ‘Tell them that I have not had the baby.’ And then when she did, she was like, ‘Tell them that I had the baby.’”

Since Cole gave birth to Daniel Gibson Jr. on March 2, she and Monica have been trading cell phone photos of their sons on a daily basis. Both singers live in Atlanta.

“She’s doing incredibly well. Everyday when we speak she’s in great spirits,” said Monica. “She’s really attached to Romello, my youngest son, so I send her videos of him singing and rapping and she’ll send me pictures of Danny with his eyes open and her holding him. Our relationship is far beyond music. Regular things that any other girlfriends would do, those are the same things we do.” —Clover Hope