Naked Music Videos (Pg. 2)



The Video: “Every Time”

The Concept: For most of the video, Janet is submerged in water, wearing sky-blue contact lenses to match the aquatic setting. Deep message aside—being “scared to fall in love” but baring it all anyway—Damita Jo’s lithe, almost nonhuman frame led to rumors that little Penny had had a rib removed. Love hurts?

Skinometer Rating: Fans saw more skin in the nip slip. 



The Video: “You Are Not Alone”

The Concept: Sure, this touching ballad is as sanguine as it gets, but the corresponding video wasn’t the King of Pop’s best look. Seeing his peck-less chest pressed up against his then wife Lisa Marie’s made the moment more TMI than titillating.

Skinometer Rating: No comment. RIP