Naked Music Videos (Pg. 3)



The Video: “Naked”

The Concept: In his unofficial “Untitled” remake, the ex-Immature frontman copies D’Angelo’s torso stance (minus the V muscle), but does more than just stand there. The artist formerly known as Batman also sits down naked and nakedly seduces a woman in the bathtub in this black-and-white video.

Skinometer Rating: You may not want to see it, but there is a lot of birthday suit action.



The Video: “Umbrella”

The Concept: The good girl gone badass gets painted in a stunning shade of silver in the middle of the video for her hottest song ever. The brief snapshots of Rih Rih looking like an African goddess are more a work of art than gratuitous flesh shots.

Skinometer Rating: Totally Artistic