Ne-Yo And Rihanna Hooking Up…In the Studio


Ne-Yo fans will have to wait a little longer for a new album.

The busy singer has been flexing his songwriting muscles on a string of projects while gearing up for his upcoming follow-up to his 2008 platinum release Year of the Gentleman, due out August.

“I’m still writing for a bunch of people,” Ne-Yo told VIBE of his hectic schedule. “I have Jennifer Hudson on the way; I’m doing quite a few songs with her. I’m doing some more stuff for Rihanna real soon. Then there’s Nicole Scherzinger and there’s this group out of the UK called the Noisettes who are really good. I also did some stuff for Justin Bieber and Kelly Rowland. And of course I have my own artists who slowly but surely I’m putting their projects together. Then there’s my album. I’m really on my grind.”

Indeed, Ne-Yo’s pen game has long been a sought after commodity in the music industry. His biggest songwriting credits include Mario’s early hit “Let Me Love You” (2004); Rihanna’s  “Unfaithful” (2005) and “Take A Bow” (2008); Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” (2005); and Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight” (2008). —Keith Murphy

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