Is Nintendo Trying to Replace Your Kindle?


Remember Game Boy? Yeah, that Game Boy. Nintendo’s latest handheld gaming system ain’t that. In fact, it’s a little hard to believe that the original Game Boy was released just 20 years ago when you consider how advanced the brand-new Nintendo DSi XL is. Featuring a pair of 4.2-inch LCD screens that offer a better view, the DSi XL goes on sale in America on March 28 for just under $200 and plays all the games from the Nintendo DS catalog. But the latest news is that the DSi XL is also scheduled to put Mario, Luigi and the Princess on the same screen as William Shakespeare. That’s because Nintendo is planning to release 100 Classic Books, a collection of (you guessed it!) 100 classic books, this summer for $20. Nintendo isn’t planning to try and compete with the Amazon Kindle—or the Apple iPad for that matter—but they are showing why they’re the industry leader in handheld gaming systems by continuing to add new features to their units. Play on. —Chris Yuscavage

Check out the trailer for the DSi XL here: