Outrageous Celebrity Prison Sentences (pg. 11)



The Crime: Driving with a suspended license and possession of an unlicensed gun (2003), criminal possession of a weapon (2006),drug possession (2009)
The Time: None…!

No disrespect to Rick Ross, but Funeral Fab is the real Teflon Don. In 2003, he was arrested twice in two days—once for driving without a license and once after police found an unlicensed gun in his car. But he paid a small fine for the suspended license and his bodyguard later told cops that he owned the gun. In 2006, he was shot outside Diddy’s restaurant Justin’s and cops later pulled over a car he was traveling in and found two loaded guns. But he never served time for it. And in 2009, police pulled over his tour bus in Arkansas and found 500 pounds of marijuana. But Fab wasn’t on the bus at the time so he was never charged. Through all of it, one thing has become clear: If you wanna convict, charges against Fab clearly never stick! Di-di-di-di…Di-di-di-di-di-di-damn!

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*Yes, we realize there are plenty of celebrities that have actually served more time than they should have because they’re celebrities. Michael Vick and Lil Kim both come to mind. But, for the most part, celebs usually get a pretty good deal when it comes to dealing with the legal system. Can you think of any other celebrities that have “gotten away with murder”  (bad pun intended) when it comes to the law?  Do you think any of the celebrities we listed actually deserved their minimal sentences? Are you still pissed off about the results of the O.J. trial? Drop us a message in the comment box below.