Raymond Vs Raymond (Pg. 2)



← “OMG”
If you’re not already groaning at will.i.am starting off singing “oh my gosh” in AutoTune, then continue at your own risk. While the echoed effect and stammering drums might bump on a Friday night… in Jersey…this track is more Jay Sean than Usher.


← “She Don’t Know” Feat. Ludacris
Though likely to grow on you after a few listens thanks to Bangladesh’s sharp trumpet blasts, this song lacks the clever lyrics or concept to keep you hooked.

← “Guilty” Feat. T.I.

Not Usher’s strongest vocal performance. Accused of cheating, the singer defends his seedy deeds and claims he’s been honorable, which means you can forget about “Foolin’ Around.”

← “So Many Girls”
Returning to his little black book of conquests, Usher gets boastful over pulsating synths, but this is a watered down and less enticing version of “Pro Lover.” See lyrics like: “Girl you so fly you ’bout to levitate.” Let’s not play this game…again.


← “More”
 If you’ve heard this on the radio, that’s good enough. Consider it the “worldly” song meant to appeal to the masses. It’s a track made for, I don’t know, performances at NBA All-Star games?

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