Reagan Gomez Talks Healthcare Reform: ‘People Are Pissed Off’


President Obama officially signed the landmark healthcare reform bill into law today (March 23), after much debate from Republicans and Democrats, harsh words on both sides and some filibustering along the way. The Cleveland Show’s Reagan Gomez explains why change was bound to come.

I was watching [the Congressional session on Sunday] on C-Span, and the main thing that I noticed and actually Tweeted about it is, obviously the President and the Democrats were trying to pass the healthcare reform bill but everything, at least from what I heard that the Republicans were saying, had nothing to do with the actual health of this country. It was that it cost too much or the government is taking over—everything that has nothing to do with people dying, with children being denied coverage or people having to sell their house because of their medical bills. They didn’t say anything like that so I found that to be very, very interesting. And now that healthcare is passed, the 2010 elections later on this year are gonna be very interesting because a lot of people are pissed off. 

I heard someone say that it’s Armageddon now. What the hell are you talking about?! A lot of people are happy but a lot of people are really, really pissed off and they’re gonna be at the polls in November or wherever the elections are in their district and their city and their states, so we have to make sure we get out also.

“The Democrats have to grab their balls a little tighter and tighten up their bra straps.”

I haven’t been happy with the Right or the Left at all this year. The Republicans, you really have to respect their gangsta. They’ll lie, they’ll cheat, they’ll do whatever and they won’t make apologies for it. But the Democrats have to grab their balls a little tighter and tighten up their bra straps. They really have to get in there and do what they have to do. Not to say play dirty but you gotta do what you gotta do to get your point across. 

I haven’t been happy with a lot of what the Democrats have been doing. All sides can be full of shit. We know that; it’s politics. But both sides obviously love this country. It’s just people have different views about the way they want the country to be run. But if you’re against something, be against it for the right reasons. Don’t be against it because your party is telling you not to be for it, even though the preexisting conditions would be obliterated. Even though it’d be more affordable for you. Even though if you lose your job you’ll still be able to have great healthcare. I don’t understand why you would be against it.