Reagan Talks Healthcare Reform (Pg. 2)


Granted, this bill, it’s not perfect. It’s not perfect at all, but it’s a step in the right direction. And all these people that are saying we need reform, this system is so fucked up, we need reform but this isn’t the bill to do it, well when is that reform supposed to come? No bill is gonna be perfect. Because even if the Republicans had a bill, guess what, the Democrats wouldn’t like it. It’s important to just get something on the ground and get it moving so that we can start trying to come together on the things that we do agree with. 

It’s definitely history. It’s history and I’m very proud that I was here to see it and witness it. I was calling my reps, too, like you need to vote for it and you know, so it’s really, really interesting. It’s a good time to be in politics. I’m like most people in their 20s who were never really into politics but because of the Obama campaign and when he was running for president and all that, even with Hillary Clinton, it intrigued me and made me want to find out more and be involved and at least pay attention, even I have to thank Palin for that to, with her interesting self. 

There probably will be some bumps because nobody wanted to support this bill anyway and number one, nobody wanted to support anything that Obama did. Nobody wants to give him credit for anything, especially something as important as healthcare so even if they did, even if it is successful, which it will be, there are gonna be bumps in the beginning.

Whenever you try to pass something as huge as healthcare you gotta look back at the Civil Rights Act and Medicare—it wasn’t smooth when it first started off but it’s not supposed to be ’cause people don’t know. It’s new to everybody. You don’t know how it’s gonna go, but in the long run it’s going to be to everybody’s benefit.

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