Reggie Bush’s Alleged Jump Off: We’re Just Friends


Following widespread speculation that she broke up golden couple Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush, up-and-coming singer January Gessert has issued a public statement. In a morning press conference today, the part-time California waitress, who is signed to Kelis label, said that she and Bush are just friends, adding that reports of a “sleepover” at the New Orleans Saint’s home have been blown out of proportion.

“How can you just take a picture of somebody and just make up a story about it?” Gessert said of the tabloid news, as she was joined by headline-seeking lawyer Gloria Allred (who also represents one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses). Gessert had previously been photographed last week exiting Bush’s house at 7 a.m. with another woman. She initially said that she didn’t know who the Super Bowl champion was, but later admitted she recognized him from TV. A representative from Bush’s camp later told reporters that Gessert was dating one of his friends.

However, during the press conference, Gessert maintained that the news coming from Bush’s camp was inaccurate. “I wasn’t dating his friend,” she said. “I wanted to put all rumors to rest.” When asked about the current state of Kim’s and Reggie’s relationship, Gessert answered, “I don’t get into his personal business. There’s papparazi outside. I would prefer for people to like me for my music.”

Allred added of her new client: “I think that it’s very disturbing that someone could suddenly become the target of tabloid drama. She was just leaving the home in the morning. She shouldn’t have to explain [that]. A lot of people drew conclusions which were unfair…It went viral. She becomes the victim of a lot of speculation.” —Keith Murphy