“Rude Boy” Is Rihanna’s Sixth No. 1 Record, But Is It Her Best?

Rihanna is back on top.

The pop-R&B vixen has scored her sixth no. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 with the saucy track “Rude Boy.” The feat is even more impressive considering that Rihanna’s darkly constructed album Rated R had not produced any chart toppers after the release of “Russian Roulette” and “Hard.”

Now the lighthearted “Rude Boy” joins the singer’s other no. 1 hits: the ‘80s-style club jam “SOS,” which shot up the upper region of the charts in May 2006; the omnipresent “Umbrella,” a girl-power anthem that reigned high in early June 2007; the break-up ballad “Take A Bow” on May 2008; “Disturbia,” a synth pop work-out that hit the top in August 2008 and the T.I. collaboration “Live Your Life.” Keith Murphy


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