A Short Convo With: Apl.De.Ap

Movies & TV

Wednesday night, Times Square was even busier and more gridlocked than usual.  Metal railings sectioned off a huge stage for a surprise performance of the Black Eyed Peas celebrating the launch of the world’s first 3D LED by Samsung.  Among some of the surprises was an appearance from Avatar director James Cameron, who spoke about the future of TV watching. 

Though the band was immediately whisked away after their power-packed three song performance, we caught up with Apl.De.Ap at the after party in the Time Warner Center where he, along with bandmates Fergie, Will.I.AM, and Taboo were causing an explosion of camera flashes.

VIBE: How does it feel to be here tonight after your performance in Time Square?

Apl.De.Ap:  Well we were there to open up the launch of the new [Samsung] 3D LED, but the thing is we let people know about the show about 30 minutes before the show started and there were about ten thousand people there. We were excited to see all those people show up. 

VIBE: So with the 3D technology are you bringing your fans to the next level?

Apl.De.Ap: Yea it will be fun for our fans to see us in action, in 3D and now we can actually push the envelope in creating our music to compliment some 3D stuff. I think that will bring the videos and the visuals into the next level. 

VIBE: The costumes on this tour are incredible.  How do you choose what you wear during a show?

Apl.De.Ap: We just go with the theme of the music. This album is very energetic and very electronic. It makes us feel like we are in 3008, so just try to imagine what the year 3008 will be like.

VIBE: Do you have a favorite song on the album?

Apl.De.Ap: I love spinning “Rock That Body.”  It’s a very cool song, very up tempo and it’s paying homage to the girls, which I like to see dancing.

VIBE: Are there any specific songs you listen to right before you go on stage?

Apl.De.Ap: Yeah! We listen to “Empire of the Sun”, “Kings of Leon”, old school hip hop; like “Tribe Called Quest” and  “De la Soul”. We even take it back to Motown and of course we have our Michael Jackson Playlist.

VIBE: So do you look forward to being on the cover of VIBE one day? 

Apl.De.Ap: Hell yeah man! It will be an honor to be on the cover!

VIBE: Want to give a shout out to VIBE?

Apl.De.Ap: Yeah!  What’s up VIBE?  This is Apl.De.Ap from the Black Eyed Peas.   Hopefully one day we’ll be [on] the cover.  We love you guys, love the magazine, just love the whole movement of VIBE and thank you for all your recognition of music.