Snoop Dogg Is ‘Westside Rollin’ With The Homies


Behold, ladies and gentlemen. A standout track from the recent DJ Whoo Kid/DJ Skee/DJ Scream mixtape, We Da West. “Westside Rollin” is the type of track reminscent of the good old Death Row days when artists didn’t just guest appear on each other’s track but actually got in the studio and collaborated on a track from start to finish together. With so many artists caught up in big-name collaborations and event records, “Westside Rollin” is great for every reason songs like “Swagga Like Us” and “Forever” are not. There’s no catchy chorus, no big grand entrances from an MC, and no clear clean-up hitter on the track. It’s just three guys, spitting bars, one after the other, over a hot beat. No pretense here. —Jozen Cummings