Spoiler Alert! More Details On Kanye’s ‘Cleveland Show’ Cameos


Earlier this month, Entertainment Weekly broke the news that Kanye West will be getting the cartoon treatment on Fox’s The Cleveland Show, currently in its first season.

West shot two episodes for the Family Guy spinoff, the first of which airs May 2. The Chi-town rapper voices the character of Kenny West, a 19-year-old who ends up in a rap battle with Cleveland Brown Jr. over a girl (voiced by Taraji P. Henson).

Reagan Gomez, who plays Cleveland Sr.’s daughter in the series, offered up more details about West’s upcoming role.

“[Kanye’s character] has a girlfriend who’s played by Taraji and Cleveland [Jr.] is in love with his girlfriend,” Gomez told VIBE. “So they’re kind of at odds and at the end of the show they have a rap-off, a rap battle. Everybody thinks Kanye is gonna murder Cleveland Jr. ’cause he’s the sensitive one in the family and he never really says too much, but Cleveland Jr. kinda put a whooping on that ass. You have to wait and see but it’s really, really funny.”

Kenny West will return for the second season as well, in an episode that airs this fall.

“The second season doesn’t start airing until September, but that storyline is Kanye—because the music business is not doing so well—he’s broke and has to move in with us and get a regular job. Cleveland helps him out with that.” —Clover Hope