Star Spangled Blunders [Pg. 2]


Carl Lewis – 1993
→ Now, this is comical. We still don’t know whose idea it was to put a microphone in Carl Lewis’ hand (or whether or not s/he was promptly fired), but we would like to thank them for providing us with reckless entertainment for years to come. And in Carl’s defense… we appreciate his dedication to ruining our nation’s anthem.

Cuba Gooding Sr. – 2008
→ What makes Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s father’s performance (purposely?) hilarious is his enthusiasm. Between the jog to center court, testing the mic before he belts, and the change to a fast tempo mid-anthem (and then subsequently slowing it down), we can’t knock him. He does remind us of the ubiquitous dirty old man on the block chatting up PYTs, though.



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