T-Pain Digs Models & Garbage Bags


When eyeing the visuals for T-Pain’s Auto-Tuned ballad (yeah, we know) “Reverse Cowgirl,” it’s hard not to feel insolvably perplexed or just damn uncomfortable. Under the reign of Lady Gaga and Rihanna, avant-garde styling has indeed reached normalcy, but only when it appears purposeful. Wildly couture models, random red imagery, an odd Nicki Minaj bargain clone and… garbage bags—all the backdrop to a song whose lyrics include: “I like how you do it do it do it/Just put your hands in the air/Wave em around and go ‘Ewww…ahhh…Eeee…ahhh.” Perhaps the only thing deep about this music video is the fact that the original feature artist, Young Jeezy, looks like he bailed.  

Check the video and tell us in the comments if you agree. 

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