‘Telephone’ Remix Coming Soon! Says Producer Rodney Jerkins


As the music video for “Telephone” continues to be absorbed and analyzed by pop culture, there’s still more to the story. The song’s producer, Rodney Jerkins, revealed that he’s currently working on a remix of the popular Lady Gaga and Beyoncé duet.

“I started on an urban version. I’m trying to create something that’s more urban driven to really showcase that you can take any type of creative song and put a spin on it,” Jerkins told VIBE on Monday. “It’s funny because I got inspired by going to YouTube. There’s a bunch of different versions of ‘Telephone’ that normal people have done and put their twist on. There’s a rock version, a jazz version—there’s so many different versions but no urban version.

“So I was like, I’m gonna go back in and take a stab at creating an urban version of it,” Jerkins added. “So far it’s coming out great, so hopefully ill have it finished this week.”

For the sound of the record, Jerkins said he’s going for something with edge, along the lines of how the beat shifts when Beyoncé starts singing.

“I’ma definitely half-time the rhythms and [make it] way harder. Way more rhythmic, more in the vein of Beyoncé’s verse,” said Jerkins. “More street, a lot of 808s and then kinda just play around with the vocals, maybe add some new dynamics. Maybe see if I can get Beyoncé to do another verse.” —Clover Hope