‘Thriller’ Broadway Musical In Jeopardy


For years, Michael Jackson’s epic video “Thriller” has stood as one of the greatest videos of all time, but there seems to be some drama brewing between MJ’s estate and the production company Nederlander Organization, to turn the video into a Broadway musical.

According to TMZ, Nederlander, a powerful company who owns several Broadway venues, has filed a creditor’s claim asking a judge to get the word to Jackson’s estate that they have no right to stop production on the musical, based on MJ’s signing up for it prior to his death.

Jackson reportedly signed the contract in 2008, which caused a riff with the video’s writer and director John Landis.

A press release sent to media early last year reportedly details the musical as being a longer, blown out version of the 14-minute plot in the original video, complete with songs from Jackson’s Off the Wall and Thriller records.

Jackson’s estate seems to have a problem with original music being involved. “I’ve seen their creditor’s claim. I don’t agree with their request,” Howard Weitzman, a member of MJ’s estate, told TMZ.

If Nederlander gets what they want, the musical is expected to begin production as early as 2011. –Linda Hobbs