Tiger Woods Should Already Be Back (Pg. 2)


Now, some people have said he needs to go on Oprah and do some kind of big cathartic interview and I think that that’s a mistake. People love this guy ’cause he was an excellent golfer. They didn’t like him because they wanted to have a beer with him or they thought he was husband or father of the year. They liked him because he was so excellent at what he did that it created a fascination and a singular marketplace for himself and I think that he needed to get back quicker to that.


Women were never really his audience. Not to say that women weren’t fans of his, but the reality is that he spoke to sports fans, particularly golf fans, most of which are guys. If you look at the products he endorsed—Buick, Gillette, golf equipment—those are all very male things. I realize that he had become a national superstar, but I think that men are still his primary audience, and a lot of them, at least from what I was hearing, were very sympathetic. They may have kind of laughed at him a little bit, but they weren’t ready to disassociate themselves from him just because of what happened.

I actually would be shocked if he made the cut [at the Masters] in some ways. Yes, he’s had long layoffs before but I think he’s gonna be self-conscious for the first time ever in his professional career it’s not like when his father passed away. This is not like when he had to take some time off because of injury. This is gonna be the first time that he is gonna be in a public gallery after a situation that he thinks is really embarrassing and I think it would only be human if he was self-conscious. Also, he had a good great season coming off the injury but it wasn’t a Tiger Woods season so he really hasn’t had a good Tiger Woods season in a good year. I think it’ll take him a little bit of time to be connected again with that killer instinct that has always made him special, but I think he’ll show flashes of being the old Tiger. –As told to Clover Hope



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