Top Five ‘Blackballed’ Celebrities, Minus Chris Brown


Chris Brown recently took to Twitter insisting that radio stations are still snubbing him in the aftermath of his February 2009 “altercation” with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. But the truth is, Mr. Kiss Kiss hasn’t experienced true hate. Here’s a brief list of celebrities who know the true meaning of blackballed. —Keith Murphy





Good Times: Before her infamous 2004 nipple slip at the Super Bowl XXXVIII, Janet was coming off her fifth multi-platinum album (2001’s All For You) with nearly 100 million records sold. Good times. Yeah, Ms. Jackson was nasty (see Janet’s Super Bowl gallery), but her cache as a global commercial superstar was still a proven commodity.

Blackballed: Forget the $550,000 handed down to all CBS-owned stations. The fallout from the breast seen around the world was swift and (some say) overkill. Janet’s music was virtually ignored (i.e. banned) by radio stations as sales of her studio efforts since have slipped considerably with Discipline (2008) barely reaching gold. Even her last single “Make Me”, which man critics described as vintage Janet performed poorly. How bad have things gotten for J.J.? She’s reduced to recording songs with Miami rapper Pitbull (“Heartbeat Love”). Thank God for Tyler Perry.






Good Times: Following a string of successful movie roles (Love Jones, Out of Sight, and Romeo Must Die), in 2005 Washington was cast as cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Preston Burke in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. With a no. 1 show and a spot on People Magazine’s “50 Beautiful People” the man seemed set. Until… 

Blackballed: …Washington dropped the F-bomb and we’re not talking For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. He reportedly called cast-mate Patrick Dempsey a “faggot” and was subsequently dropped from the show after ABC faced immense pressure to let the embattled actor go. Not even a public apology to gay organizations, Grey’s resident gay actor T.R. Knight, and the entire Broadway community (hey, he might as well have) could get his career back on track. Washington was last seen in the cancelled 2007 NBC show The Bionic Women, on which he was fittingly killed off in just six episodes. Yikes.