Tron Makes Its Return


It’s the ‘80s all over again. Indeed, the decade of yuppies, acid-wash jeans, Run DMC and Ronald Reagan has made a comeback as 1980’s fixtures  G.I. Joe, The Transformers, The A-Team, The Smurfs and He-Man have either enjoyed movie success or are set to hit the big screen. But the most intriguing of all the ‘80s revivals may just be Tron Legacy, the sequel to the groundbreaking Disney science fiction film Tron (1982).

News of the 3-D flick (this seems to be all the rage) has made the rounds since filming began in April of 2009. Now comes the first theatrical trailer of the long-awaited Dec. 12, 2010 follow-up, which highlights Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the son of Kevin Flynn (the recent Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges reprises his legendary role), who after investigating the disappearance of his father finds himself pulled into the very same world of life-threatening computer programs and gladiatorial games that the elder Flynn has been living for 25 years. Of course, the Tron cyber universe has become way more advanced and exceedingly dangerous. What does this all mean? Movie magic. —Keith Murphy

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