Twitter Celeb Of The Day: Ricky Martin…Clap For Him?

Ricky Martin officially came out of the closet yesterday (March 29), stating that he’s a “fortunate homosexual man.” Since then, the Tweets have either been supporting the famous Latin pop star or wondering what the hell took him so long. Read what the Tweets had to say today and sound off in our comments section. Clap for him? Or who cares?


@someecards Congratulations to Ricky Martin on joining Justin Bieber to form the two gayest trending topics in Twitter history. 

@timbanning devastated to learn the news about ricky martin. He was an amazing role model for us hetero kids. 

@iStalliOne #youmightwannastop talking about ricky martinand his obvious homosexuality that shit isn’t news! #fb

@deaviking Way to go Ricky Martin! No one has anything to do with your personal life, nobody should care about your sexuality but yourself. 

@peace_in_green Gotta admitt that i’m really proud of Ricky Martin. I’ll always love him and his music no matter what. 

@vanityfairmag Now that Ricky Martin is out, these nine famous figures should follow suit. 

@SteLLarChiCk1 IM BACK FROM FRISCO! I couldnt be HAPPIER! I luv it there but not w/ grandpas around! 🙂 lol.Ricky Martin FINALLY CAME OuT! About damn TiMe 

@TFLN: (256) Ricky Martin is gay. You owe me $10 from 3rd grade.