Twitter’s Response To Lil Wayne’s Prison Delay


First, it was the tooth fairy, and today it’s a fire. Lil Wayne’s prison postponement this morning due to a fire in the Manhattan courthouse got a strong response on Twitter, where the rapper found himself a trending topic. Twitter residents, who seemed to be as shocked as everyone over Weezy’s “luck,” pointed to the mysterious courthouse fire as everything from irony to the Illuminati. Check out some tweets from the streets and judge for yourself.

@YoungTayvito I’m back to saying fuck Wayne! Why kind of pu**y needs every excuse in the world to go sit in jail for a couple of weeks!

@DKakaWayneWatts: Wayne bout to have 3 more babymothas

@akfortys3v3n Wayne shouldnt b goin to jail neway he supposed to have ppl to take those charges for him DUH

@shanelllovely is it true wayne isn’t going to jail yet… again? somebody’s scared

@iGoByBREEZE On some real shxt tho I think Kanye bout to come back hard.. he just waitin for wayne to actually get behind bars lol

@Remy_Ella -_- wayne still aint got locked up yet…#amitheonlyone who tired of hearing this shit? Pimp c did 4 1/2 yrs with no complaints-no problems!

@cmatthewisthe34 they jus need to throw lil wayne case out the window cuz its obvious they ain’t tryna send him to jail

@JOCRAMONE hmmm @nickiminaj did u or @tyga have sumthin to do wit da building burning?? Lil Wayne gets to walk free a few more days, #goodjob yal lol

@RikaRo850: This nigga Lil Wayne gonna drop The Carter 15 and bout 6 more mixtapes b4 his ass finally go to jail

@LilWayneDailyy Lil Wayne Sentencing Delayed Due To Fire!! They don’t call him the fireman for nothin’. #LilWayne

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