Usher’s 5 Attempts At Recharging His Sexy… RATED

Sex appeal isn’t exactly an innate quality. It can be bought, taught, developed, found and… lost. In 2004, Usher was at the crest of his celebrity. Having sold over one million copies it’s first week, Confessions was an unchallenged smash and the man behind the album could easily have a crayola of panties thrown his way with just a half-smile.

Swagger on a hundred thousand trillion. 

But then came Tameka (inspiring one of the most horrendous moniker hybrids to date), then the surprise marriage, then baby Ursh, then baby Naveid, and slowly Usher’s purring swag collapsed to a groan. While Daddy was changing diapers, R&B was changing standards. The-Dream demoted man-dancing (and muscles) to an unnecessary and Trey Songz shot lyrics to explicitly renewed heights.

Which leads to the most important question of 31-year-old, ex-husband, father of two, Usher Raymond IV’s career: Does dude still have it? With Raymond v. Raymond, his first album as a bachelor in six years, it’s more than evident that Usher is trying to bring his sexy back. But is it possible to recharge what many believe is already dead?

The only way to find out is with an attempt… or five.—Tracy Garraud