V EXCLUSIVE: Lil Wayne Gets Special Escort in Jail


After finally reporting to jail for a gun-possession conviction, Lil Wayne is going to have to adjust to the humble lifestyle New York’s infamous Rikers Island has to offer.

Sources tell VIBE that contrary to some reports, Lil Wayne’s attorney requested protective custody for the rapper. However, there is technically no such thing at Rikers. In order to accommodate Weezy, he will be housed in general population at the Eric M. Taylor Center alongside inmates with similar safety risks. He’ll be shadowed with an escort wherever he goes.

“If he leaves for a haircut, the law library or play in the yard he will be escorted by a captain with a panic button on his belt to call for back up if Wayne gets attacked,” says a Rikers Island insider.

Every hour, Wayne will have the option to roam the quarters with his escort in tow, or be securely locked in his cell. The corridor where he is housed is currently holding 18 other inmates with a day room with a TV on one end.

His cell is 10×6 and like all sentenced inmates he is required to wear a dark green work shirt, pants and slip on sneakers. All contact with the outside is limited to two phone calls a week, which will be recorded, and two visits with up to three people at a time.

“He could be out in as little as eight months with good behavior,” says the source.

For his first night in the slammer, Wayne reportedly dined on noodles with sausage and marina sauce, stemmed greens, salad and whole wheat bread.

Tomorrow’s breakfast will be fresh fruit, Wheatena and coffee or tea. Lunch: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

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