Venus Vs. Mars: Ludacris’ Best Female Collaborations


The truth is this: We weren’t so surprised when Shawnna abruptly peaced out from Ludacris’ Disturbing The Peace sect while recording the bi-gendered Battle Of The Sexes album. Not that she’s a flake; it’s just that Luda’s animated charm has been known to scorch a collaborator or three. And rap is a man’s sport after all, isn’t it?

Slow down, bub. Luda’s had lots of memorable xx-xy collaborations, but the testosterone’s not always the saving grace. As BOTS drops today—with four appearances from Shawnna, and six supplementary female features (Nicki Minaj, FTW)—VIBE takes a look back at his best verbal intercourse sessions to see who really comes out on top. —Tracy Garraud

Ludacris vs. Missy vs. Trina

Song: “One Minute Man”
Album: Miss E… So Addictive (2001)
Blow-by-blow: Never ones to travel the subtle route, Missy and Trina encourage the new millennium woman to blow-horn her bedroom needs, while a boastful Ludacris insists he’s pulled more all-nighters than a Harvard double-major.
Winner: Luda
Knockout Line: “Enough with tips and advice and thangs / I’m big dog, havin’ women seein’ stripes and thangs”


Ludacris vs. Trina

Song: “B R Right”
Album: Diamond Princess (2002)
Blow-by-blow: This Kanye West-blessed cut from Trina’s sophomore album was sauna-room steamy. Playful, but glaringly brash, Tri and Luda stroked their egos till sparks flew out.

Winner: Luda
Knockout Line: “Tell me that you like it raw / Tell me that my dick is muah”