The VIBE Tweet, FB Fan & Commentor of the Week


Every Friday, we here at VIBE will be highlighting the best comments, Facebook Fan posts, and Tweets we receive. Keep the good stuff coming, and hey, maybe one day you’ll win something (but probably not). Comment of the Week


Our very own Tray Hova on 11 Infamous Cheaters:


“Wow, I almost typed that Gabby was a Hollywhore, until I realized I needed my feminist pass still.”








The VIBE Facebook Fan of the week


Justin Patterson


“So backpackers and skinny jean niggas taking over the industry? Smh. Biggie and Pac r shiting a brick as they turn over n their graves!!!!”





The VIBE Tweet of the week


@DramaDupree on Beyonce Rep On Pregnancy Rumors: No Way


@VibeMagazine I knew beyonce wasn’t pregnant… but I was hoping she was so she could re-hire Kelly and Michelle as the nanny’s… dang!



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