VLN Headlines: Nicki Does Barbie, Beyonce and Gaga Beat Mariah, The Game’s Not Gangsta?


Nicki Minaj rounded up her Harajuku Barbies and Amber Rose, all in hot pink wigs and one-piece bathing suits, for the filming of her new video “Massive Attack.” [Ballerstatus]

Compton rapper The Game doesn’t want to be referred to as a “gangster rapper?” True, says a recent TMZ report . [Ballerstatus]

Unreleased recordings and other forms of media from Michael Jackson are one step closer to being released over a several year period. [Singersroom]

While Drake has been in a ton of music videos, the Grammy nominee believes the forthcoming video for “Over” will be a true introduction—partly because he got his hands ‘dirty’ working with Anthony Mandler on the clip. [Singersroom]

Lady Gaga and Beyonce are no longer nipping at Mariah Carey’s long held pop songs record, the duo has officially tied the World Music Award winning diva thanks to “Telephone”. [Singersroom]