When Estelle Met Rachel


One is a singer in search of an American boy, the other a designer selling to American girls but together, Estelle and Rachel Roy make sweet music in the form of a jewelry collaboration.

At the dinner on Monday night for the collection unveiling, to try to ask either of the classy ladies who was responsible for the baubles was to receive a flurry of praise directed towards the other.  “It’s all Estelle!” Rachel beamed, wedged in between Veronica Webb and stylist June Ambrose.  Estelle, of course, thanked Rachel for making it all a reality.

Either way, what you get is a collection celebrating all things famous and fabulous.  The pieces have an eclectic, jovial vibe that could appeal to almost anyone.  Seriously, Estelle was wearing the heart necklace that from the side seemed Flavor Flav inspired (with a flower inset instead of a clock) while a bejeweled talon ring looked ripped off the finger of Sasha Fierce. 

Check out the collection and shop on RachelRoy.com.