When Watch And Car Companies Collide


Car collaborations have never made a whole lot of sense to me. Sneaker companies stepping slightly out of their lane to create something like a New Era hat? Cool. But I can’t imagine there’s much of a market out there when it comes to a car company linking up with a watch company. Nonetheless, electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors has teamed up with Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer to create the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster, which is basically a Tesla Roadster that features a custom paint job, the TAG Heuer Meridiist mobile phone (a collab between TAG and Lambo) and a limited-edition TAG Heuer stopwatch. Outside of that, though, the Tesla Roadster is basically a stock model. The collaboration is designed to pay tribute to the 150th anniversary of the TAG Heuer brand. It’ll be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show later this week… or you can just shoot over here to check out some more flicks of it. —Chris Yuscavage