13 Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theories (pg. 3)


Conspiracy #4: The music industry has plotted against DMX to destroy his career

The Theory: Again with the Illuminati! A documentary called Destroying DMX that was released recently suggests that the same music industry that helped make DMX a star is also trying to hurt his image in the press and ruin his career. It also alludes to the fact that this is the same technique that was used on other superstars like Tupac and Michael Jackson.

The Reality: DMX has a point: There aren’t many “good” DMX stories floating around out there on the Internet. But he also hasn’t exactly been a saint over the course of the last decade, either. Not sure we can ride for this one.

Conspiracy #5: Suge Knight injected Eazy-E with AIDS

The Theory: From Knight to former N.W.A. manager Jerry Heller to the U.S. government, there have been plenty of theories out there suggesting that someone actually injected Eazy E with AIDS, which resulted in him dying so quickly from the disease in 1995. There have also been theories that Eazy sold his soul to sign Bone Thugs N Harmony (but we’re not gonna even try to touch that one).

The Reality: Videos like this (fast-forward to the 2:15 mark) are why conspiracy theories exist. This seems a little out there, but damn: Conspiracy or not, that’s just disrespectful, no?