13 Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theories (pg. 4)


Conspiracy #6: Someone out there is writing all of Lil Wayne’s raps

The Theory: Drake? Gillie da Kid? A group of 14-year-old kids that don’t anything about writing credits? Whatever the case, the onslaught of new Lil Wayne mixtape material that hit the Internet between 2005 and 2010 has caused some people to wonder how Wayne’s been able to produce freestyles and songs so quickly.

The Reality: It’s a little crazy that Wayne has gotten so good on the microphone in recent years. But, didn’t Gillie claim to be Wayne’s ghostwriter back in, like, 2006? And he’s only gotten better since cutting off ties with the Philly rapper, no? Just sayin’.

Conspiracy #7: Three 6 Mafia worships the devil

The Theory: It’s not hard to see where this one came from: 666 is the fabled “Number of the Beast” and refers to Lucifer. By dissecting some of their older songs, hip-hop fans have come to think that the Memphis group worships the devil through their lyrics.

The Reality: We really have no idea what sorta religious beliefs Juicy J and DJ Paul have. We really don’t care too much. Whatever it is, it’s worked.