13 Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theories (pg. 5)


Conspiracy #8: Pimp C didn’t die because of sleep apnea

The Theory: Though the UGK legend was found to be in possession of a bottle of cough syrup in his Los Angeles hotel room when he died from sleep apnea, some people believe the government had a role in his death because of his involvement in the dope game in the South.

The Reality: Pimp C did have inside knowledge of the dope game (at least, it seemed like he did when he started a war of words with Young Jeezy in 2007) but this is probably one of the worst conspiracy theories we’ve ever heard. Get your facts straight, kids!

Conspiracy #9: Tommy Hilfiger doesn’t like black people wearing his clothes

The Theory: Okay, so this isn’t tied to any specific rapper, but remember when the rap community embraced the Tommy brand in the late 1990s and early 2000s only to find out that the man in charge of it had gotten thrown off the set of the Oprah show because he sent out an email that said he designed his lines for upper-class white people, not black people?

The Reality: In 2007, Hilfiger appeared on Oprah and addressed the rumors, saying that he had never appeared on the show before and didn’t send out the email. He revealed that he’d paid FBI investigators “a lot of money” to track down the source of the quote but didn’t have any luck. So, feel free to pull that Tommy back out of your closet and… Oh, it’s 2010, who are we kidding?