13 Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theories (pg. 6)


Conspiracy #10: The government entrapped T.I. on gun charges

The Theory: Know why Michael Vick and T.I. were arrested? If you believe David Banner, it’s because they were victims of entrapment by the U.S. government because of their race and their fame.

The Reality: Banner was captured at some random event and put on the spot to give an answer and he didn’t really elaborate. Plus, Tip is back and appears to be better than ever. Case closed.

Conspiracy #11: Kanye West’s stunt at the 2009 MTV VMAs was planned

The Theory: Prior to hopping on stage and ruining Taylor Swift’s big moment, Kanye West and MTV actually planned the whole thing. They put a bottle of Hennessy in West’s hand on the red carpet, had a camera on Beyonce to capture the look on her face when he jumped on stage, and then set up media dates afterwards so West and Swift could make the most of the moment.

The Reality: TBD. But if Taylor Swift ends up on Good Ass Job, we’ll all know that we’ve been played.